Managing Director/Founder's Bio (continued)

  • She studied for years privately with several great Foreign and Jamaican Educators and Therapists, Musicans and Performing Artistes: 
    • Peter Ashbourne (Composition 1992),  
    • Marjorie Whylie (Congo Drumming and Folk Music of the Caribbean),  
    • Major Joe Williams (Band and Orchestra Composition),  
    • Jon Williams (Popular and Jazz music styling and Piano performance 1993-1994),
    • Maurice Gordon (Jazz technique 1996),  
    • Carl Ayton (All about the Recording studio and Music Business and Music Laws and Music Societies 1993-1998),  
    • Desmond (Desi) Young (Music Business and Music Laws and Music Societies 1993-1999),  
    • Gloria Vivia Edwards (Piano and Voice Fundamentals and Rudiments Grades 1-5 1978-1987), 
    • Lileth Sewell (Speech and Singing technique for children performers)  
    • Curtis and Pauline Watson (Voice Fundamentals, Vocal technique, Vocal Teaching and Vocal Performance 1999-1996)  
    • Jill Gibson Jazz (Piano and Jazz Singing performance and styling 1997),  
    • Mico Care Centre Private Tutorials with Clinical Speech Therapist for Vocal Therapy (1990),  
    • Jamaica School of Drama Acting and Play Script Writing for Stage (1991-1992),  
    • University of Alabama Music and French Language and Culture Professors (2000-2001),  
    • Madame Martine Bernaud In European Piano Performance, Interpretation and Technique, Organ and Keyboard Traditions, Technique and Styling, Dijon France (2000),  
    • Henry Miller (Caribbean Folk Congo Drumming as Accompaniment for Dance Performers 1989-1992). 
  • Since 1992 until present, Joy is a representative of the Jamaica Federation of Musicians and has volunteered her time, energy, knowledge, to educating Jamaican Musicians on accounting procedures, collections procedures, management/artist relations, music copyright and photocopy laws and best practices in the business of music.  
  • Between 1992-1994, 1996-1998 and 2005-2005 Joy lectured part time at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts
  • She also lectured part-time at Jamaica Theological Seminary during 1992-1995, and 2003-2005 in the Church Music and General music training courses to evening and degree students (1st and 2nd year classes). She had many years of volunteer work at Jamaica Youth For Christ, Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (ISCF programmes), ColeMusiq studio and several church music development programmes. 
  • During the mid-1990’s she was a visiting guest volunteer vocal soloist in Curacoa’s Mozart Festival featuring choirs from all over the Caribbean.  
  • She is a volunteer Performance Health Advocate and a member of the International Society for the Study of Tension In Performance in England. She holds, along with her team members since July 2010, Workshops and Assessments in Performance Health of the human Body, Mind, Voice with Good Nutrition and Concerts for charity towards Jamaica’s in all spheres. 
  • As the Managing Director of Joy Music Ltd., Joy Fairclough is a teacher and performer. She writes music, poetry, music teaching books, music guide books and plays (including musicals). She also produces her writings and the works of other writers on music score sheets, music books, on stage, and as audio materials e.g. CD’s. Her 2010 Gospel CD You Reign In Majesty is released internationally on ITUNES and radio stations.  
  • Her career accomplishments have seen her performing with popular groups and bands from Jamaica and the USA as vocal and keyboard soloist and group instrumentalist;Yard Beat band and GirlzTown bands are examples.  
  • Her travels and studies have taken her throughout France, Japan, the Caribbean and the U.S.A.  
  • She also played keyboards as the first female Jamaican Keyboardist best touring band nominee with Jamaican Reggae band Black Uhuru when they were nominated for the Grammy in the U.S.A. in 1994.