Sweet, Sweet Love (EP) by Joy Fairclough: Songs - Sweet Sweet Love (Mom), You Took Me By Surprise, Sweet Sweet Love (Dad), Slow Ride Riddim, Child’s Play (Instrumental), The Lord Is My Shepherd, CATALOGUE JOY MUSIC CD003, Joy Music LC CODE 33727 $5.99 US $0.99 US each single Mp3)
CD or Individual MP3
Warm Ups For Great Voices; Scientific Approach to Vocal Training with Performance Health Standards by Joy Fairclough; Downloadable Video ISRC-JM-Z03-11-00001. US$8.99 
A Singing Handbook for Children and Adults Revised Edition – PDF eBook (Print and Non-Print versions) by Joy Fairclough ISBN 978-976-95208-2-0 (2010) US$4.50
How To Avoid Bad Sex – A Family Life Ministries endorsed Book on CD, Foreword by Dr Barry Davidson with paperback manual by Joy Fairclough ISBN 976-610-738-6 (2005) US$4.50
Music With Mathematics Principles; How to Teach, How to Learn; Towards Exam Mastery in Music, Mathematics and Other Subjects Revised Edition 2015 By Joy Fairclough.  eBook ISBN – 978-976-95208-6-8 US$15.99, Paperback ISBN 978-976-95208-7-5 US$17.99
You Reign In Majesty – A Gospel Worship Album with styles of Jamaican Music called JaFolk Mix by Joy Fairclough. Available Only As Mp3 Album US$6.99 or Mp3 singles US$0.99 each
Joy Fairclough with Various Artistes; A Compilation of Jamaican JaFolk Mix Styles (2012) MP3 Album Only US$7.99 Single Mp3’s US$0.99